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Shandong Huasheng Zhongtian Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd is the wholly-owned subsidiary company of Shandong Huasheng Zhongtian Machinery Group.Shandong Huasheng Zhongtian Machinery Group is one of the famous machinery manufacturing enterprises in China that do research,product and trade.It consists of 7 subsidary companies separated majoring in gasoline engine,plant protection machine,garden machine,water pump,small-sized railway and highroad maintaining machines,excavator and generator,7 main series and more than 200 types.All products are popular in home market and exported to America,Europe and SouthEast Asia covering more than 50 countries and areas.

Shandong Huasheng Zhongtian Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd majors in four stroke gasoline engine and small-sized railway and highroad maintaining machines,such as tamping rammer, plate compactor,concrete cutter,railway tie tamper,power trowel,railway impact wrench,.which are approved by CE,EPA,GS E-MARK,CARB and EU 2 certification.With a comprehensive production of about 500 thousand sets annual,the indexes of output,quality,series and performance are the most advanced in China.We have introduced advanced technology and equipment from Germany,Japan and Korea and upgraded the enterprise technology and inspection methods to the international advanced level in the field.

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